Faked Arch-ID's es un proyecto de hackeo identitario de PKMN architectures en torno a la figura del arquitecto estrella y a los conceptos que lo rodean: lo mediático, la imagen, el poder, la idolatría... El proyecto se ha desarrollado en diferentes formatos y contextos siempre desde las lógicas de la crítica, pero sobre todo del humor, el juego y la participación.

March 2010. Congreso ARQUITAXI 2010, Granada [Spain]

Testimony of one of the assistants to the dance / conference for an Arch-Star System:
"I will never forget that day. He was present at a conference for the most select of the architectural international panorama. To my side there were pritzkers, national prizes, dead creators of the modern and postmodern and enclosed movement … All there assembled and I one between them, finally one of them. The best public for that it could ask: Him Corbusier and his glasses of black pasta, Peter Cook with his lock sesentera, Alberto Campo Baeza and his smile always in the mouth, Rafael Moneo, Enric Miralles, Federico Soriano, Kazuyo Sejima … even Rem Koolhaas!. On having ended, I discovered that I was who have should discovered the tensegrity or the Dymaxion House. I might have constructed geodesic domes and housings with parts of metallic catalogue silos…"
¿And you? ¿What architect do you wanna be?

[Technical Data]
March 2010
Congreso ARQUITAXI 2010 [Granada, Spain]
Temporality: one and a half hour
Customer: Congreso ARQUITAXI 2010
Participation: three hundred lecture attendees
Format: 300 masks x 30 diferents architects.
Media: www.arquitaxi.com

October 2010. EME3. CCCB Centro de Cultura Contemporánea, Barcelona [Spain]

Ladies and Gentlemen! Architects of the world! Who has not dreamed of turning ever into one of his idols? Three generations of the best architects within reach of his hand.
For only 50 cents (Donation to support the incipient crisis),you can turn into one of these three famous architects: Le Corbusier / Rem Koolhaas / Bjarke Ingels
Don't forget it! PKMN gives you the opportunity to turn into one of your idols!!!

[Technical Data]
October 2010
CCCB Centro de Cultura Contemporánea [Barcelona]
Temporality: one week
Customer: Architectural festival EME3
Participation: one thousand of audience
Formats: wood board DM10mm for the boxes + varilla roscada 10mm + 600 masks x 3 architecture´s icon.

October 2012. Muestras de Archivo de Creadores. Matadero. Madrid [Spain]

PKMN talks about their identity and participative urban project through the face-image of their personal main characters. With the support of demodrama-faces technology.

[Technical Data]
October 2012
Matadero Madrid [Madrid]
Temporality: one hour
Customer: Archivo de Creadores de Madrid. Matadero Madrid
Formats: demodrama-faces conference.